Geek Rant: Big Bang Theory Isn’t Funny.

Okay, goddammit…I can’t take it anymore.   It’s come to this.  Listen to me carefully, people.  Listen with your ears, and hear me with your soul.  The television show “Big Bang Theory” is bad.  Really bad.  Like, terrible.  And every time I bring that up to someone, they look as if I’ve sodomized their grandma’s cat whilst wearing my Obama t-shirt.  I hear responses like “Un-fucking-MURICAN! Fuckin’-A, IT’S FUGGIN HILARIOUS!!  EAT SHIT AND DIE, FAG!” And so on.

A little back story.  If you’re not familiar with this particular network television offering, the premise of Big Bang Theory centers around a bunch of physicists and their crew of stereotypically smart-yet-socially-awkward genius friends and the hot whore that lives across the hall.  Imagine “Seinfeld” if Jerry happened to work at the JPL and Kramer was a hot blonde actress.  Oh, and in order for this comparison to work you’d have to lose all of the funny stuff that made “Seinfeld” watchable and add a big, stupid, obvious LAUGH TRACK OVER EVERY GODDAM JOKE, ASIDE, LEER, SIGH, OR AWKWARD PAUSE.  But I digress.


It’s funny to me that most of the people who find it odd that I don’t DVR every episode of “Theory” are not what I’d call “geeks.”  In fact, most of them are softball-playing frat boys or golf-addicted pseudo-jocks.  It’s like they know I’m a geek and expect me to love this piece of network crap simply because “well…them guys are all nerds like you!”  Brilliant. And therein lies the problem.  See, this show was created by Chuck Lorre.  Remember that guy?  He’s the creator of a show you may have heard of called “Two And A Half Men.”  Yes, the show with John Cryer and, oh…what was his name…the other guy? Gosh, can’t seem to remember.  He kind of disappeared after gracefully exiting the show.  Huh.  Anyway, “Men” is a huge success, and is based on the same formula that’s been used for television comedies for, well… EVER.  The Odd Couple, Three’s Company, Gilligan’s Island, House…the list goes on and on.  When it works, it’s comedy gold.  When it doesn’t…it’s “Big Bang Theory.”  God, even the name of the show pisses me off.  See. it’s a physics-related phrase that also has the word “BANG” in it, like “boy, we half-dicked science nerds sure would like to BANG a real female vagina…wait!  There’s a hot chick across the hall that would never even look our direction in real life, but now she’s woven into our lives to create sexual tension and give everyone something to masturbate to!”  BAZINGA!!

Bazinga.  Don’t even…no.  Not going there.

Yes. We know.

Comedy.  That’s what this show needs.  You know what this show has instead?  “Jokes” like these.  Seriously, here are some honest-to-god quotes from the show.  Try not to bust a gut…

“Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.”  BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! GET IT?  STAR TREK!!

 “A fear of heights is illogical. A fear of falling, on the other hand, is prudent and evolutionary.” WOOOO-HOOOO!  HE SAID “EVILOUSHUN!”  GEEKS ARE SOOOO FUNNY!!

“I don’t know how, but she is cheating! Nobody can be that attractive and this skilled at a video game.” I KNOW, RITE?  CHICKS CAN’T PWN NEWBS ON “NUKETOWN!”

“A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink. The bartender replies, ‘For you, no charge.’” Okay, so that one’s actually pretty funny.  Damn it.

The point is, these jokes are written, I’m guessing, by non-geeks who lurk on Reddit or have friends who’ve bought t-shirts from J!NX, and then try and write to an audience they don’t really “get.”  It’s like Michael Richards writing to the Spike Lee crowd, only with much less hatred.  But now the show has become wildly popular with the non-geek crowd, in part, I think, as a response to the fact that geeks are taking over the world.  Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates, the Google guys…they are our new overlords.  The Large Hadron Collider makes CNN now and then when the CERN guys make a breakthrough.  Movie stars are seen wearing “Portal” shirts.  For a non-geek, the paradigm has shifted and maybe they’re just trying to catch up.  In which case, maybe I’m over-reacting.  Maybe I should welcome the frat boys who have traded in their Hollister shirts for a “Halo” or “Gears of War” t-shirt.  It’s a start.  (When I see them sporting “Team Fortress 2” or “Deus Ex” shirts, I’ll be impressed.)

SOME of you have got to get this...

In the meantime, me and the rest of the nerd, dorks, geeks, and wonks will be watching OUR shows.  Galactica, Dr. Who, Firefly, Mythbusters, and Arrested Development.  Some of those shows are obviously no longer on the air.  Maybe when the “Affliction” crowd catches up, those shows will be given another chance.

With a laugh track, of course.

68 thoughts on “Geek Rant: Big Bang Theory Isn’t Funny.

  1. I can’t stand it either. it gives geeks a bad name and I’m rather partial to a geek now and then.

    Oh, and as for Two And A Half Men. I have never understood how this is still on my television. John Cryer should be off living in a time capsule with Molly Ringwald.


  2. I watch the show… sorry, let me rephrase… I DVR the show and watch it when I have some free time. I like it, but not overly so. I mean, I wouldn’t compare it to any of the other shows you mentioned (all great), but it is still watchable to me. I laugh sometimes and roll my eyes at other times… I’ll let you decide which I do more. I don’t hate it.

    And I don’t have a problem when I see movie stars wearing “Portal” shirts. It shows that the world is progressing to a point that I would like to see. Hell, I would have called you crazy if you said the morning show jocks would be talking about video games, on air, 10 years ago. Now I have ‘New Release Tuesday’ (although I would like to see that expanded a bit) and Matthew Perry talking about Fallout 3 on The View (I don’t watch… I, uh… saw a clip on the internet…). Anyway, hopefully, shows like The Big Bang Theory will pave the way for more “geek” inspired shows or a return of some of our favorites. I’m all set for a Firefly revival.


    1. Yeah, I’m not against Hollywood embracing the culture by any means…I guess I just wish they understood it better. It’s like if I try to speak “ebonics” to communicate with a guy on the bus. Even if I mean well, it’s going to come out all wrong, and might even be seen as offenseive, whether i wanted it to or not. But it’s a free country, innit? An this probably isn’t the WORST show in the world…but that’s as far as I go!

      PS- I got a new phone!


  3. I actually just despise the portrayal of nerds being inept with women. I think it’s a juvenile hang over cliche from retro era classics like a bad stereotype.

    Also really anyone that OCD or anal retentive would either be friendless or constantly in the hospital from getting their ass kicked.

    Or the dreaded forever alone. I think the sad truth is the generic laugh track one liner commedy is what people want, it helps them unwind and not think. I know a lot of people that don’t get seinfeld for example. Good read, for what it’s worth I also hate two and half men though.


    1. I concur. And again, this is by no means the worst show on television, and the argument can be made that mediocre sitcoms are STILL way better than crap like “Jersey Shore.” But the whole “lowest common denominator” philosophy has just gotten too old. There are so many other choices out there…why can’t people support better programming? Are we THAT insipid?

      Thanks for your input, bub.


    1. That explains why I’ve never heard of Big Bang Theory until it recently went into syndication… I accidentally watched an episode last night. As unfunny as the show is, the laugh track made it completely unbearable. Half of the lines that got laugh tracks didn’t even sound like they were intended to be funny in the first place. The other half simply failed at being funny.

      Oh, and the reason the neutron joke was actually funny is because the BBT wtiting staff didn’t come up with it. It’s a really old joke.


      1. There are a bunch of clips on YouTube where the laughter has been removed, with mixed results. I’ve seen one or two where I think “you know, this isn’t bad when delivered dryly. ” I almost fall for it. Then I see a clip like this…and I just think it’s the most awkward, contrived piece of crap ever. I honestly felt like I was watching a poorly done high school comedy.


    2. Why do so many people praise ‘Community’?! What is there to like about it? I suppose they are the same people who like the American remake of that, originally British (and funny), show ‘The Office’.


      1. Actually, I can’t stand The Office, but I love Community. The characters aren’t always the best, but the style of the show is innovative. It’s not afraid to explore unusual formats like claymation episodes or puppet episodes, and although the show utilizes stereotypes in the end it focuses on highlighting how all of the characters are just trying to figure themselves out. And that really is the point of college, if you ask me. The show incorporates nerdy references without making them the brunt of the humor and explores problems that are absurd but illustrate what college sometimes feels like. It’s not mean spirited, like BBT. I find it endearing and amusing. It’s not my favorite show on TV, but don’t compare me to people who like The Office. That’s kind of insulting.


      2. My most sincere apologies! I must admit that I’ve never gotten more than a couple of episodes into “Community” but everyone tells me it’s great, so perhaps I should revisit it.


  4. I wanted to like it. I really did. I don’t.

    Two and a Half Men may actually be the worst show on television. I saw it when flying cross-country and considered jumping out the window over the Grand Canyon just to get away from it.

    Arrested Development may have been the best show ever to hit the airwaves.


    1. I concur. I watched a couple of episodes, hoping it would get better. It didn’t. Still better than The Hills, Jersey Shore, etc….but that’s scant praise. Even sadder is that some of the actors seem like they’d be great in another show.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Nothing to do with what show you’re watching, but I’m not really clear on why your sense of humor is the law?

    Why is it so important to you that everyone agree with what you find funny and unfunny?


    1. My sense of humor is not the law. Just sayin maybe it should be. (Not really.)

      It’s a blog. Nobody has to read it. If you see something in the title about why I think a show is or isn’t funny, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when you read it. IF you read it. No law saying you must. Maybe you’ll gain insight, maybe not. I’m just speaking my mind, which thanks to the internet, is relatively easy to do. Obviously TONS of people like the show, as evidenced by the huge support it’s getting on Reddit. Fantastic.

      Plus, everything is subjective, and everything is relative at the same time. Firefly > Terra Nova > Earth 2 …See? My opinion. Big Bang Theory > Mama’s Family > Jersey Shore. Also my opinion. But feel free to assign values as you see fit. Hate away…heap tons of praise. S’all good.


  6. While I agree with you that it is a example of jocks mocking geeks and nerds, I have to say I enjoy it for it’s ridiculousness. Being a comic book, star wars, and sci-fi fantasy geek, who also happens to be a cop , ie very “manly” and jockish profession, I deal with the ribbing all the time.

    Like you I married a VERY beautiful and hot, and sexy wife who, while going to school to be a doctor couldn’t tell you what a chimera or a balrog is let alone T-16 skyhopper.

    but she loves the show, and damnit, it usually leads to nookie. So I’ll laugh, and enjoy it for what it is…a half decent comedy that has no basis in reality (cause this D&D playing geek got the hot chick) that gets me laid. (if she’s in the mood and I don’t say anything to screw it up . 🙂


    1. Ha! Yeah, I won’t go quite that far. I get a lot out of that site, even if it is primarily populated by poseurs and people that creat no new content of their own but LOVE to trash other people’s contributions. I look at those vocal few the same way as I look at the 13-year-old trash talker on XBox Live. Meh. I’ve got booze to drink and a wife to give orgasms to, so excuse me if I log off…


  7. Great blog Turner and to be totally honest I wasn’t going to read any of this but I saw the title of this one and got sucked in. I am a true nerd from back in the day when gaming consoles were put together on a bench and hooked to a mouse and keyboard and games were ran off 5 1/4 floppy drives but hey these guys call themselves geeks. Back when I started out we were called nerds and now the term geek is prevalent, I am glad that is the case because they can call themselves geeks, it is not what us true nerds really are. I also hate that show and to be honest it isn’t the actors faults, the writing and the jokes are horrible. (ok I will admit the couple times i have watched it I laughed a couple times). I will go on to say the “geeks” of today (the actual geeks as you mentioned Turner and you know what I mean not the ones on that show) have a place in the gaming world with their consoles and comic books. I also enjoy “geeky” things like LAN parties, online gaming, comicon and those type conventions. Lets face it, a chick in a super hero costume that barely covers her T&A is hot.

    Keep up the blog, I will be sure to peek at it when I have time even though you are a little beyond my conservative views I enjoy hearing your take on political and controversial topics. Maybe a little like if you were listening to Rush or Beck.


    1. Oh, hey, thanks! Yeah, there’s been a sort of paradigm shift in the world of “geekery.” In high school I used to refer to myself as a geek, because “nerds” were usually not self-aware. They didn’t know they were nerds. And while I had a Star Trek uniform and coveted my buddy’s chain-mail dice bag, I knew that this wasn’t the norm. I honestly think the internet itself is largely responsible for geek culture being out in the open and accepted now. Because EVERYTHING is acceptable! For God’s sake, where do we go after Two Girls, One Cup? Also, maybe people now realize that if they want thier computer fixed, it’s gonna be a guy in an “Akira” t-shirt that does it.

      Oh, and as far as politics go, fair enough! You and me, we’ll stick to old-school nerdiness and forget the “Occupy vs. Tea Party” stuff. Oh, and we’ll Chive On!


  8. MY friend constantly tells me that I need to try and make an effort to get along with people, and like the things they like, despite the fact that the shit most people like is awful, so I have tried to enjoy this show on multiple occasions, and dear lord, it just sucks the air out of the room. I am with you on this Mr. Internet personality, this show is awful.


  9. When I first saw the show, I also thought the intended audience was the nerds of the world, unfortunately, we are a small and less important audience, I have since realized it is made like every other standard show, simply topical and striving to be outrageous enough to compete reality tv. I just watch it as passively as possible, and try to enjoy the few funny references as it is all there is in popular tv.


    1. As I’ve said to some of my friends that enjoy the show, the real tragedy is that I actually like all the actors. Sometimes I feel like they KNOW the show could be better. All in all, BBT is still probably better than “According to Jim.”


  10. I’ve actually been surfing the interwebz to find anything that tells me why or how anyone can find this show funny. I work in IT (and a girl, oh my!) and I can’t tell you how many people tell me to watch it on a daily basis and are shocked that I don’t (and don’t want to). Of course, the people who suggest it are not nerds, not even a little.

    I’m glad there’s a resistance, I’d hate for us all to turn into BBT loving zombies.


  11. So fuckin glad people dont like this show. I’m a nerd and just about every hot girl i know think it’s sexy. I’m not counting blondes cause i dont think alot of blondes are hot, some are though


    1. Yeah, one of my motivations for writing this piece was people coming up to me and saying “OMG, I’ll bet you just LOVE Big Bang Theory!” They’d say this because I’m wearing a Dungeons & Dragons shirt from J!NX and watching a show about Stephen Hawking. Prejudice, man. That’s what it is.


  12. I used to watch it but have no interest anymore.. I have no reason to it makes my mind blank lol just why even watch it? It’s boring I guess. I lol at ur rant haha:)


  13. So true man, i can’t walk anywhere with my venom shirt on while looking for comics with out someone asking me if i watch the show. they should change the name to stereotypes cause that’s what the show relies on. and none of them are true


  14. I’m a geek myself and I never thought the show was even remotely funny… its just a bunch of cheap stereotypes. Watching Big bang Theory just makes me miss Arrested Development more… now THAT was a clever show!


  15. Oh thank god, I’m not alone. I had to sit through another episode of it again tonight (as two of my close friend love it) and, again, my immediate reaction was “I want to punch Sheldon in the face.” I think, Turner, that your observations are all astute. As are those in the following link (with which you’re probably familiar?) :

    I also don’t understand, and refuse to accept, that Sheldon is funny on the grounds that “he has Asperger’s.” This is not only insensitive, it’s insulting – a barely covert way of further marginalizing this disorder. Some sort of “comedic philosophy” aside, I have to believe that it’s only encouraging the problematic and grossly rudimentary attitudes and ideas of the general/lay-population. And, what’s worse, perhaps – I don’t think Sheldon does have AS; he’s just an asshole. The only character I like(d) was Penny, and, of course, she bears the brunt of all the misogyny.

    Anyway, thanks again everyone! I was starting to feel like I was crazy – like the only person in the world who didn’t get it. I sadly can’t think of any good real-geek refs to express my gratitude at this camaraderie, but I’m sure y’all know some good ones! 🙂


    1. Thanks a bunch, and that’s a great observation about Sheldon’s so-called “disability.” Remember Jordan from “Real Genius?” back then they called it hyper-activity, but today it’s ADHD. Whatever you call it, her character was a textbook case, and yet sweet and likable. Because GOOD WRITING.

      Thanks for checking my page out!


    2. Actually, this ‘disorder’ is nothing of the kind, it is simply a difference in seeing the world that happens to be both unusual from the perspective of the ‘normal’ majority (you know – the one’s who make society’s rules and expect everyone else to follow those rules), and, because of that difference in perspective, is frowned upon and seen as being ‘weird’ by that same misguided and intolerant majority.

      ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ is just a stupid label that the not-so-intelligent ones place upon those whom they secretly know are smarter and morally superior to them, but the time will soon come when the ‘normals’ will be seen as being the odd ones, due to the ever-increasing requirement to be ‘geeky’ in order to make any headway in a world that is becoming evermore reliant upon the technology that only ‘geeks’ can understand or fix.

      Oh yes, and TBBT is a crappy show, that stupid laugh track is annoying, and Chuck Lorre is an ignorant hack who has no clue about anything that he can’t pigeonhole or stereotype.


  16. I’ve been browsing on-line greater than three hours as of late, yet I by no means found any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is pretty worth sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made excellent content material as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before.


  17. You want ‘geeks’ to have a good name instead of what they’re portrayed as in this show, then how about you do something productive with your time instead of blog about your petty opinions on a show that has had phenomenal success. The show is absolutely brilliant and I have no issue with you disliking the show, just your obsession with the idea that your opinion is ‘law’.


    1. I originally (first and second season, before I woke up) liked this show as well, but, seriously, what is ‘brilliant’ about it? The live studio audience laugh-track? The fact that one of the main characters (Penny) does not, unlike the other main – and male – characters, even have a last name? Or how about the sheer ignorance of the creators of this show who seem to believe that if it (whatever ‘it’ may be) is not from the U.S., or more specifically California, it can be denigrated and/or despised. For example, Raj, the ‘exotic Indian’ – ooh, let’s make fun of his funny accent, funny cultural background, religious beliefs. Another example – ‘foreign’, and therefore nasty and unreliable, technological achievements like the phenomenally successful Soviet Soyuz space programme (Leonard in one episode, to Wolowitz – ‘You’re going on a Russian craft, that’s dangerous, are you crazy?’). The character of Sheldon obviously has what the ‘normals’ like to call Asperger’s Syndrome, which is apparently a handicap of some sort, but that doesn’t stop Chuckles from using this fact to portray those who are different (i.e. the ‘handicapped’) as being deficient, and therefore the legitimate target for bigoted jokes.

      Stupid, horrible, narrow-minded, parochial and unfunny drek is what this show is.


  18. Um… FYI, they tape in front of a live studio audience. So your “laugh track” argument is moot.

    And why label yourself as a “geek”? These guys in the show admit they’re socially awkward, but they don’t label themselves. In fact, they try to appear suave, because they don’t always realize their awkwardness.

    And honestly… people CAN be that socially awkward, especially if they spend more time alone with math problems than with real people. And the definition of “geek” is “an unfashionable and/or socially inept person” and/or “someone with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest.” And guess what? The characters in the show DO, in fact, fit that definition.

    Also, I’m not an avid fan of the show. I watch it on occasion and find it enjoyable. Mainly because I choose to simply enjoy things for what they are instead of bashing it because it doesn’t fit “my” definition of a particular “label.”

    And “Arrested Development” as a “geek show”? Really? The only people I know who watch that are your typical Joe Shmoes.


    1. They do tape live, but also use something called a “sweetener.” They’ve been doing this since the old days of live radio shows. I’ll give you a bit of a break on the “geek” term, as it’s sort of like the word “alternative” became when used to describe music. Once it’s mainstream, how “geek” or “alternative” can it be? But the fact remains that you can purchase all sorts of BBT products in the ThinkGeek catalogue, so apparently the show producers themselves agree with that description.


    2. I don’t suppose it ever occurred to you that one of the main reasons, and perhaps THE main reason, why ‘geeks’ spend more time alone with maths problems than with real people may be because ‘real people’ choose to reject them from the outset. You’ve obviously never been in a position where you have been ostracised for simply not conforming to the unwritten rules of social interaction that exist as early as primary school.

      As for the ‘live studio audience’ – well, if you will carefully listen to, and take note of, the timing of the laughter you will quickly realise that the audience isn’t laughing at anything that is even remotely funny. A character will say something like ‘I went to the comic book store today (laughter), and I picked up the latest, collector’s edition, of Batman (laughter again), and when I got home to my mother (laughter), she said ‘Howaaaard’…’ Do you see my point here? The audience has been trained, as one other commenter at another website pointed out, like ‘Pavlovian dogs’. Where is the SPONTANEOUS laughter?! If anything, they are laughing AT the characters, at their expense; as in, ‘aren’t these geeks pathetic, let’s laugh at them because they are so socially awkward. Such losers’.

      This show is not funny, it is cruel.


      1. I think you’re correct. That’s why I like the comparison to “nerd blackface.” It’s exploitative. The people who defend this as a show for the outcasts and socially-inept would have you believe that midget wrestling is an analog for the plight of the little person.


  19. As a computer geek doing a CS degree, the episode when Sheldon remarked “Ubuntu, my favourite operating system” was the official episode BBT lost me. If the writers had done their homework they would know that Sheldon uses Slackware, Gentoo or perhaps created his own system from a Linux Kernel. It’s a stupid point tbh but if your making a show for geeks then you really need to understand we are a pedantic bunch!

    And that’s probably where BBT went wrong for geeks. The first series was quite funny and interesting; completely dumbed down and mainstream now. I totally agree that most watchers of BBT are not geeks, possibly first years in a science related degree and have this fairytale idea of what a Physics, Computer Science or Maths degree might entail. Needless to say these guys drop out like flies when they realise that it takes more than a pair of black rimmed designer glasses and a shirt with a humorous reference in it to be a social outcast!


    1. I remember a Prehistoric Life class in college. There were a handful of frat boys that took it because they thought it would be an easy science credit. Two weeks in, they were dropping like flies. No understanding of Latin or Greek (ironic for frat guys) for starters made it tough on ’em. The concept of periods, epochs, et al was too much. Science. It’s not for everyone.


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  21. I couldn’t agree more, with these rants! the show is not only full f out dated physics and misused scientific jargon, but is the most offensive, discriminatory clap trap ever to hit the airwaves. image if Good Times or the Jeffersons didn’t bother to have a plot, but just talked about fried chicken and watermelons, and got ALL the slang wrong.
    All my non-nerd friends can’t understand why my wife and I don’t love this show. I guess I don’t like being made fun of by a group of writers that obviously have a combined I.Q. of 4.


  22. Great article!

    Yes, I too have tried to watch this show multiple times, mostly because of my non-geek coworkers who keep asking me what I think about it, and then act surprised that I don’t watch it. I’m then invariably treated to a speech about “how much I would like it”. One if them even likes to call me Sheldon, for Chrissake!

    Well it turns out, all this really is comes down to these people’s perception of what I am. They think I’m a geek, therefore I should like geeky stuff, like BBT.

    Except that BBT is not geeky. It’s dumb. It’s some sort of “Geek Lite” for non-geeks.

    I mean, I watch the show. I get all the Star Trek references. But a Star Trek reference does not in and of itself equal funny. And frankly, I find Sheldon’s vocal inflections to be not only unfunny, but extremely irritating. The other characters are funnier, but not enough to make the show good. I especially find the whole “nerds salivate over hot neighbor chick” scenario to be tiresome.

    I’ve watched this show so many times, trying to see what other people see. As of today, I am officially giving up. BBT must be too highbrow for me. I’ll go back to watching Battlestar Galactica, reading science books, and playing Halo. Now that’s a form of Geek entertainment I can understand.

    P.S. Now when those people ask me about BBT, I just say, “Oh yeah, that’s pretty funny.” And they just nod and go back to not thinking about whatever it is they weren’t thinking about. It’s easier to just lie and move on than have to listen to that whole “but you would LOVE it!” speech again.


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  25. Couldn’t agree more. This show is corny as chicken s**t. I absolutely despise it with the upmost intensity. I only know one person who likes it and hes the kind of person who licks envelopes because he like the taste and is chronically overweight and smells really bad. He laughs along with it but doesn’t understand anything. I’m convinced he watches it to try and look smart.


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