My Real Job

Asher Agency is a magical place. It’s like a mini Hollywood crossed with a tiny little New York City, with a dash of Austin, TX thrown in. I get to work with a multitude of clients concepting (that’s agency speak for “coming up with an idea which can be implemented across multiple mediums and formats, developed as an ongoing, integrated campaign with rich, multi-layered content, and including broad-stroke thoughts along with specific ideas for application and possible inclusion into n existing campaign/brand strategy” but really means developing a “concept” for a marketing or advertising campaign) social media, print, outdoor, radio, TV, native, and every other form of carrying an advertising message you can think of. Then, I get to take those concepts and produce them from script outline to finished product. Anyway, if you’re not in the advertising biz it might sound sort of boring, so here’s a tiny little sample of work what I gone and did.