My Real Job

Holy crap, I’m an advertising guy. I mean, I have been for a few years now, but…I guess it took a while for my brain to switch gears after being a radio hack for much of my adult life. But here I am, a goddam Creative Director at AdLab Advertising. That’s what I do. So, yeah…if you ever need marketing or advertising or help with your social media an’ all ‘at, gimme a holler. We’ll grab a drink and chat.


And if you’re keen to see exactly what I actually do, peep some things from my portfolio, below. I write, direct, and edit TV and radio and digital stuff. Of course, working with some great art directors over the years certainly helps…they turn my print ideas into award-winning stuff. Anyway, I could go on and on, about, you know…me…so, I’ll stop.