I’m a communicator. It’s what I do. I worked in radio for many years, now I work as a Creative Director at a great agency. I’ve also written for a mobile story app called getbound.io (available for iPhone…Android coming soon, they tell me.) Of course, that’s when I’m not at the ice rink, either playing hockey or coaching my two kids. Or acting as the on-ice and in-stands emcee for the Fort Wayne Komets of the ECHL. (Damn, I spend a lot of time on the ice. That’s a good thing.) In the summer, I travel way the hell up in Michigan to canoe with friends…and whenever I get the chance, I find my way back to the beach, where you’ll find me reading a sci-fi or fantasy novel in between sets of knee-to-waist high waves. At home, I’ll be surrounded by rotten cats, with a scotch on the rocks and my Sweet Baby by my side.

Actually, when I go back and read this, I guess I’m pretty much the luckiest man alive. Thanks for stopping by. Stay a while. Hopefully you find something that piques your interest and makes you laugh, think, or a little of both.




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