The other night I was kinda pissy with my good friend, teammate, and all-around swell guy Joe Schultz.  Long story, but I know this other guy who got some really horrible news this week, and I guess it kind of affected me, so I took it out on Joe, since he’s always sleeping with my wife and such (allegedly.) Anyway, I felt bad.  To make amends, I’m dedicating this blog to @TheJoeSchultz (that’s Joe’s Twitter handle.  Catchy, no?)

Some of you blog-followers are already familiar with Joe from the blog I did around Halloween, wherein myself and others blew up his Facebook wall with costume suggestions.  You can read it here.  Some others might know Joe as the drummer for the rock band Rains.  They have their own website and everything! I joke around because I know the guys, but they’ve actually toured the country with some heavyweights (ahem…5FDP for starters.)  In other words, Joe is the big King Shit as far as I’m concerned, which is why I was bummed when the band decided to go ahead and make a video for one of their singles WITHOUT JOE!!! In fairness, it was during a time when Joe was not with the band and they had some other dude drumming.  but, STILL!!!!  THAT’S MY BOY!!

Anyway, here’s that video, which is pretty lackluster without @TheJoeSchultz if you ask me.  But enjoy it anyway, and just imagine Joe’s big, bald head is back there behind the kit.



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