Old-Timey Movie-time Time! (intermission)

Hey, nothing big…doing some research for the next half of the blog that I began yesterday.  I actually intend to put some movie stuff in there since, you know, it’s right in the title of the blog and all that.  I may even take the extra step and PROOFREAD the next part!  I know, right?!

So while you wait (eagerly, I’m sure) for Part Two, check out my new BlogRoll over yonder on the right-side margin of this here page.  It’s basically links to some of the blogs I read and get inspired by.  There are one or two (COUGH! poptartvomitshere COUGH!) that I did not include, because I’m not sure how the authors feel about people reading their blogs.  Specifically, how they feel about people that read this blog also reading theirs.  Savvy?

Thanks.  Read that stuff then check back (hopefully) tomorrow for the gripping conclusion of whatever the hell I started writing about in the first place.



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