The Two-Year Old Incrediblog!!

GAH!!!  How the hell did this blog just have a second birthday?  Dang!  More importantly, what the hell happened to all the time I used to spend blogging?!?!


Wait.  Let’s step back.  Deep breath.  July 26th.  That’s when this blog o’mine officially reached the two-year mark.  That just seems weird.  Now, the other thing I need to address is the paucity of my blog updates/entries.  I know.  I thin it’s mainly due to my midday time slot at 98.9 The Bear, but exacerbated by a long summer of child-wrangling and such.  Excuses?  I HAZ THEM!!

Pictured:  You, as I post another "search terms" blog.

Pictured: You, as I post another “search terms” blog.


So let’s quickly just try something new.  Ima tell you some stuff, and then you tell ME stuff!  Here, let me get the ball rolling.  (WARNING:  I’ve been playing WAAAAYYYYYY too much Mass Effect 2, and I’ll explain below.  Just know that it’s…it’s getting to me..)




Did you know that Bing Crosby is one of the fathers of Silicon Valley?  He was looking for better recording methods, someone told him about the old Nazi magnetic tapes from WWII, and BOOM!!  Der Bingle invests in AMPEX.  Ampex goes on to pioneer reel-to-reel recording and editing, and then computer data storage, developing the first hard drives ever.  BOOM!  Silicon Valley has its first big start-up.  (And yes, Ampex still exists.) As Commander Shepard would say:  What can you tell me about Silicon Valley?


Mass Effect 2 has become like this huge mountain that I must conquer.   I put off playing the sequel to Bioware’s incredible Mass Effect for way too long, and finally decided to invest the time and energy into another wonderful space-epic.  Seriously, these games are better than 90% of the crap coming out of Hollywood these days.  Anyway, I got close to the end.  I could feel it.  I had the entire team, including (SPOILER!) Legion.  I had the Reaper IFF thingie that would let me use the Omega 4 relay.  And then…my saves disappeared.  Gone.  Lost.  Non-existent.  I was devastated.  FFFFfffffuuuuuUUUUUU…  So I started again. This time I’m making different choices (gonna try and bang Miranda and ignore Jack, even though I find Jack to be the more attractive female) and get through this goddam thing so that I can waste another few weeks on Mass Effect 3.  Wish me luck.  As Shepard would say: Have you got a minute?  I just want to talk about you.


A lot of strange and wonderful things are happening in my life right now  I’ll share the details as they materialize (or as soon, in some cases, as I am legally allowed to discuss them.)  As Shepard would say: I don’t work for Cerberus.  This isn’t a Cerberus mission. +2 Renegade.  Unlocks additional renegade response.






Now then.  Here’s your part in this little discussion.  See below?  Just south of that Ad?   (Ads which I have yet to see a single dime from, BTW.)  Where it says “Leave a reply?” That’s the comments section.  That’s where you come in.  What shall I blog about next time?  We’re in our third year now, folks. Gimme some fuel for this rock-n-roll shuttlecraft of delights and wonders.  Gimme your best in the comments section.  And As the Commander would say: I should go. +1 Paragon




14 thoughts on “The Two-Year Old Incrediblog!!

  1. For me I like your eclectic topics. That said I certainly gravitate toward the comic / gaming sides of your personality! I too liked Jack better but ended up banging Miranda in game because it was much easier to do that. Speaking of games, would like you to blog about the games you play, why and why you like or hate them too…I would let folks suggest games and then blog about the outcome of it. Let me start you off by suggesting State of Decay as I know you like The Walking Dead


  2. I think you have more than enough wit to respond to local Craigslist ads in humorous ways, similar to the dude on . I occasionally browse through everything on Craigslist to see what it has to offer and today I found one that was titled “Kinky sex on the Sabbath to keep it holy.” It was an 80-year old dude wanting, quote, “all kinds of oral” and “no anal, no pee, no poo, no pain.” And that’s our LOCAL Craigslist. You could have a heyday with some of those ads.


  3. How about an occasional “Back in my day” blog about crazy crap you did while growing up, or the wonders of playing Atari for the first time (yanno, because you’re old). ❤ you Turner!!


  4. There’s been talk that the success of Superhero movies will also be its downfall. Because Hollywood is a collection of “let’s just do what they did to make a ton of money” instead of “let’s do something unique and original”. What do you think? Will movies like “The Avengers” lead to so many movies like “Green Lantern” that the whole superhero genre will die out?


  5. Blog about bands that were disappointing after meeting them…in the studio, backstage, or on stage. Or the opposite, bands that you became of fan of after seeing/meeting them. Although you may not be able to do the first one since you’re in the business….

    Do a blog strictly as Fat Walmart Lady, Gay Sulu, or Gay Magneto. But, they may be odd without the voice.

    Seriously hope that your good news has something to do with a morning show on the Bear again. So tired of Pandora until 10 through the week.


    1. Re: the bands thing, I’d love to. No legal issues there. How many tell-all books and paparazzi pics are floating around? No worries.

      Letting Fat Wal Mart Lady near my computer would be…dangerous. Plus, my keyboard would get all sticky with BBQ sauce and marmalade.


  6. I like any blog content that talks about the subtle challenges and perspectives of approaching middle age. I have back hair. I am getting ear hair. The hair on my head is falling out. Am I alone in this world or are their other guys like me clinging to their coolness? How do I make my 40’s as exciting as my twenties? Is that even possible? We know your the coolest local celebrity we have (except for Ryan Elijah), so tell us how you keep your mojo.

    T.W., take us to your leader…..


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