Geek Rant: Big Bang Theory Isn’t Funny.

Okay, goddammit…I can’t take it anymore.   It’s come to this.  Listen to me carefully, people.  Listen with your ears, and hear me with your soul.  The television show “Big Bang Theory” is bad.  Really bad.  Like, terrible.  And every time I bring that up to someone, they look as if I’ve sodomized their grandma’s cat whilst […]

Ah, These Kids Today…Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

So, yeah.  I have a couple of boys.  Simon is six, Rhys is almost three.  Good kids.  Spoiled rotten, but hey, that’s the fault of me and the missus.  Do I want to beat ’em sometimes?  Sure.  People without kids always say “That’s HORRIBLE!!  How can you even JOKE about abusing your kids?  They’re all […]

Ah, These Kids Today…Part One.

This past Labor Day I had the good fortune (and bad foresight) to take my kids to possibly the worst amusement park ever.  And by “amusement park” I mean Glenbrook Square Mall.  I don’t mean to malign the mall itself; in fact, it’s just dandy.  You can get Auntie Whatchamacallit Cinnamon Pretzels and pick up […]